Raise Your Voice to Practice Your Religious Faith, Jay Sekulow will Make it be Heard

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Jay Alan Sekulow is the Chief Counsel for the American Centre of Law and Justice (ACLJ) which was founded by Pat Robertson the CBN founder, in order to protect people’s religious and constitutional rights. Jay has presented oral arguments before the US Supreme Court on 12-occasions and has won many landmark victories defending constitutional rights. Sekulow is a champion of life, a formidable antagonist of religious prosecution, a saviour of human rights and a highly respected broadcaster.

He is a frequent guest on the '700 Club', because of his inimitable insight into legal and political concerns and his vast experience in Constitutional law. He is regularly interviewed by many prestigious TV channels like Fox News, ABC and CBN News etc, regarding the critical legal work of ACLJ in protection of religious rights and liberties.

He is the host of a radio program, Jay Sekulow Live! A daily outreach of the ACLJ. Through his radio show, Jay keeps his listeners informed about crucial challenges nationwide regarding liberty and renders them an opportunity to stand in support of ACLJ in defence of religious faith and freedom, garnering tens of thousands of signatures for various causes by means of ACLJ's committees and petitions. Moreover, he is the host of ACLJ This Week; the ACLJ's weekly TV show airs on many networks nationwide.

As a Supreme Court lawyer, Sekulow is widely recognized as one of the legendary saviours of religious liberties and constitutional rights in the US. He has won myriad milestone religious rights cases at the U.S Supreme Court. In the Lamb's Chapel case, he paved the way for missionaries and churches to be allowed equal access to utilize public facilities for religious purposes.

This Man of Pedigree is not just a leading advocate for religious freedom at the U.S Supreme Court, but he is also a stalwart protector for the rights of the unborn. Moreover, he has been rigorously involved in Ten Commandments cases at the U.S Supreme Court, availing unanimous victory in Pleasant Grove for the right of governments to display monuments of the Ten Commandments in parks.

Sekulow's nearly half century of distinguished Court advocacy, has garnered accolades from America's most preeminent publications. Jay has been honoured by Time Magazine as one of the “25- Most Influential Evangelicals in America.” The Legal times has titled him as one of the “90-Greatest Washington Lawyers of the Last Thirty Years.” The American Lawyer named Sekulow to its esteemed “Public Sector 45.”

His passion for protecting and respecting religious rights has led him to expand ACLJ's operations and open up new offices worldwide. Jay Sekulow strongly believes religious liberty is an inalienable, Lord-bestowed right for all human beings around the world.

Jay Sekulow

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