Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ has been the undefeated warrior of Liberty and Justice for people

‘As a highly acclaimed attorney, Jay Sekulow has been fighting for many years the legal battle for people’s religious beliefs, bringing them peace and justice.’

As a special guest on many television networks, voicing out programs on major radio stations, making people aware about their religious rights, and fighting the authorities in order to bring justice for the people, is how Jay Sekulow has become an accomplished attorney throughout his career.

Jay Allan Sekulow, one of the most highly acclaimed litigators of present times, is someone who has always stood up for justice. A cum laude graduate from the Mercer University, Jay began his career as a tax trial attorney at the office of the Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service, and soon established himself as a successful lawyer.

His success as an attorney led him to become the Chief Counsel of ACLJ, (American Center for Law and Justice), one of the most respected law firms in the United States of America. His political interests led him to endorse Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in the year 2007. Jay also played an important part in the nomination of Chief Justice John G. Roberts in the Supreme Court.

Since 1987, Jay has argued numerous times in front of the Supreme Court many critical issues regarding the ‘First Amendment’.

Not limiting his abilities to just a litigator, Jay has emerged as the most influential legal speaker in the country. Jay voices out a popular radio program, ‘Jay Sekulow Live!’ and ACLJ This Week, broadcasted throughout the nation on major radio networks that include Sirius and XM, to name a few.

As one of the National Law Journal’s 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America, Dr. Jay Sekulow is definitely someone you can look up to as a man, who has had the courage to stand for people’s rights!

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