Jay Sekulow – The Chronicle of a Hero; of a Hope

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Jay Sekulow – on June 10, 1956, a child inherited to become a savior of religion & human rights, was born in Brooklyn, New York. Young Sekulow tied knots with Pamela for a lifelong companionship and have two sons: Jordan Sekulow – a political campaign consultant and Logan Sekulow – host of ‘The Logan Show’, a Christian variety show.

In the endeavor of understanding and specializing in law and justice pertaining to legal matters, constitutional rights, religion, freedom and humanity, Mr. Sekulow earned a Bachelor’s Degree and a Doctorate in Jurisprudence from Mercer University. From Regent University, Jay received a Ph.D. on the subject of American Legal History.

In his younger days, he started working as a tax trial attorney in the Office of Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service to bring in the cases on behalf of the United States Department of Treasury in the United States Tax Court. In the year 1991, he became the Director of The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and continued to progress and serve currently as Chief Counsel.

As a hero– Jay Sekulow argued several times in his career in front of the United States Supreme Court for the cases focusing religious liberty and issues related to First Amendment. Since 1987, he counseled varied types of cases and issues, resulting in successful judgment. All through his career, Mr. Sekulow has been honored numerous times.

The National Law Journal’s Power List, highlighting few of the most prolific attorneys in America, enlisted his name in the year 1994. In the American Lawyer’s Public Sector 45 list, he was named among the dedicated legal public servants for their impactful contribution. A list from The National Law Journal included him in the top 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America. Recently, he was profiled as one of the 90 Greatest Washington Lawyers of the Last 30 years in the United States of America.

In the realm of bringing justice and equality, Jay Sekulow educated people for their rights and constitutional freedom through his highly appreciated publications. Focusing on the same objective and legal & legislative issues, this American Attorney is hosting Jay Sekulow Live! – A radio program, that airs on nationwide radio stations.

Jay Sekulow

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