Jay Sekulow: One of the Most Renowned Evangelicals in America

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Dr. Jay Alan Sekulow is a renowned defender of religious liberty and an acclaimed judicial attorney, who brings his nationally recognized knack and expertise to the Regent Law faculty, and renders current law students with the opportunity to contribute to the most eminent legal cases of our time. As a chief counsel for the ACLJ (American Centre for Law and Justice) - a leading national public interest law firm that specializes in the protection of religious and civil freedom and in the constitutional law, Mr. Sekulow has argued innumerable landmark cases before the United States Supreme Court that have since become segment of the legitimate landscape in the arena of religious liberty litigation. He is also a respectful and highly followed commentator and broadcaster.

Having argued 12 cases before the US Supreme Court, Mr. Sekulow has helped to create the legitimate landscape of America’s First Amendment jurisprudence. These milestone cases continue to influence the direction of religious litigation to date.

In the case of Westside School District vs. Mergens, Dr. Sekulow paved the way for public school students to form religious organizations and Bible clubs in the school campuses. In the Lam’s Chapel vs. Centre Moriches School District case, he defended the right of free speech for religious associations, ensuring that they be treated equally, when it comes to the utilization of public facilities.

Regent Law’s accordance with ACLJ facilitates students with a competitive opportunity and prospect to apply for positions assisting ACLJ lawyers. Furthermore, it provides the students with unparalleled opportunities to participate in historic projects such as ACLJ’s unanimous Supreme Court triumph in Pleasant Grove City vs. Summum case, wherein his argument resulted in First Amendment verdict clearing the way for Federal and State governments to accept permanent monuments for their selection- including 10 Commandments monuments- in public parks.

While the ACLJ, under the guidance of Jay Sekulow, initiated the mission to safeguard liberty in the US, and now its impact can be felt throughout the world. Believing that religious freedom is an international right, he incorporated the European Centre for Law and Justice in Strasbourg (France). Jay Sekulow serves as the Chief Counsel of ECLJ, with its offices in France, Pakistan, Kenya, Russia and Zimbabwe.

Many celebrated publications have noted Jay Sekulow’s contribution in the field of constitutional law, from Legal Times naming him one of “The 90 Most Accomplished Washington Attorneys of the Last Thirty Years to the National Law Journal naming him twice as one of the “100 Most Influential Attorneys in the World.” The Townhall Magazine recognized his unequalled record of achievement naming him to the “Townhall of Fame”, mentioning that Sekulow was one of the top and most trusted attorneys for religious liberty in the U.S.

Jay Sekulow’s influence extends far beyond US courtrooms. His daily FM show, Jay Sekulow Live! And the weekly TV program- ACLJ This Week reaches a huge audience who support the cause of religious liberty and life.

  • He is presently a member of the Board of Trustees for the Supreme Court Historical Society.
  • He is a frequent guest on the Sean Hannity Show.
  • He is an illustrious professor at the Regent Law School.

Jay Sekulow

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