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Jay Sekulow can undoubtedly be termed as “brilliant”. He is a man who has tried his hands on so many things that each of those can't be possibly listed. More than anything else, he's been working as an attorney. But he is not just another lawyer, he's the best of all! He has been in the news many times because of the cases he worked on.

This dynamic law enthusiast never limited his abilities to law – and has a successful radio/television call-in talk show about legal issues. Yes, he is a renowned radio host! His talk show is aired on as many as 850 stations.

The man is a guest commentator on FOX news channel, and hosts a TV show 'ACLJ This Week'. He, as a lawyer, is someone who is hard to argue with, and impossible to knock down.

Jay Sekulow has been awarded many times for what he does. To name a few honours, he has been added to National Law Journal’s Power List, in the year 1994 and recently was added to the list of 90 greatest lawyers of last 30 years (Washington) by Legal Times.

Source from http://jaysekulow.multiply.com/journal/item/33/

Jay Sekulow

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