Jay Sekulow is famous for securing religious rights!

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Jay Sekulow is a prominent name in the law practices associated with religious liberty and civil rights. He is popular for fighting on behalf of those in legal jeopardy and helps them secure religious harmony and liberty. As a civil attorney, Jay has been active since the year 1978 till present.

He is the Chief Counsel for ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) and hosts shows both on radio network as well as television. Mr. Sekulow is known for arguing on key issues associated with first amendment. He has been involved in a number of cases that grabbed media attention.

Mr. Sekulow served as the counsel to Mary and Robert Schindler during the controversy that involved their daughter Terri Schiavo. Another famous case involved him arguing on the behalf of some anti-abortion activists who were claimed to be violating a statute after carrying out demonstrations in front of abortion clinics. For more information visit here

Jay Sekulow

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