If You Believe in Your Religion, Believe in the Inspiring Thoughts of Jay Sekulow

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Jay Alan Sekulow is a well-renowned attorney with fervour for protecting religious freedom - liberty -democracy.

Jay Sekulow is the Chief Counsel for the ACLJ (American Centre for Law and Justice), one of the most esteemed law and educational institutions that primarily focuses on constitutional law. He is a renowned connoisseur on religious liberty, respected broadcaster and accomplished Supreme Court lawyer. For almost a quarter of a century, he has been on the front lines - passionately working to safeguard the constitution as well as religious freedoms in the Congress, in the public places and in the courts.

At the U.S Supreme Court, Sekulow has argued 12 cases, including many cases that have become part of lawful landscape in the sphere of religious emancipation litigation. In the Mergen’s case, he cleared the way for government school students to form religious organizations and Bible clubs in their school premises. In McConnell vs. FEC, he made sure that the constitutional rights of American Youth remain protected with a decision by High Court promising that minors can also participate in political campaigns.

The National Law Journal Twice Rewarded Sekulow as One of the “Hundred Most Influential Attorneys Worldwide.”

Initially, nobody could have anticipated what started as a mission to safeguard religious rights in America would involve universal outreach. In the world, where Christians face violence, discrimination and above all death for practicing their faith, it soon became evident that something has to be done on an international level. Jay Sekulow deeply believes that religious liberty and freedom is a universal right and a global concern. He established the European Centre of Law and Justice in Strasbourg, France- “the seat of European Court of Human Rights.” He serves as the Chief Counsel of European Centre of Law and Justice (ECLJ). He has incorporated ECLJ offices in Russia, Zimbabwe, France, Kenya and Pakistan.

Furthermore, Sekulow brings education and insight to listeners everyday with his national “call-in radio show- Jay Sekulow Live!, which is broadcasted in more than 850 FM stations, SIRIUS and XM radio and is streamed live on the ACLJ website. He also hosts a weekly TV show, ACLJ This Week, broadcasted on myriad networks nationwide including Daystar, Sky Angle and Trinity Broadcasting Network. He is a regular guest on nationally televised news shows on ABC, CNN, CNBC, PBS, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and FOX News.

That is not all; Sekulow has served as a faculty member for the Legal Education Office at the US Department of Justice. As an important faculty member, he instructed Assistant US Investigators and Attorneys in the First Amendment issues allied with prosecution of Obscenity. With the continuous commitment to education, Sekulow is devoted to training the next gen of religious liberty experts.

Undeniably, Sekulow’s inimitable litigation strategies have revolutionized religious freedom litigation. Jay Sekulow wisdom extends beyond the courtroom.

Jay Sekulow

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